Hallertau Blanc

Bitter Substances
α-acids (EBC 7.4) 8,5
β:α (EBC 7.7) 0,6
cohumulone (EBC 7.7) 24
polyphenols (EBC 7.14) 5,4
polyphenols:α 0,6
xanthohumol (EBC 7.7) 0,38
xanthohumol : α 0,045
Aroma Substances
Total oil (EBC 7.10) 1,1
β-caryophyllene:humulene 1,00
farnesene (EBC 7.12) < 0,5
linalool (EBC 7.12; mg/100g) 5
linalool: α 0,6
Aromatic impressions of the raw hops

Hallertau Blanc impressions of the raw hops





Aromatic impressions of the raw hops:    
Incredible, but true. In the flowery and fruity Hallertau Blanc, one can recognise elements of mango, passion fruit, grapefruit, gooseberry and pineapple.

Aroma in the beer       
Beer can be so fine. With Hallertau Blanc, the brewers have created an extraordinary speciality. Green fruits, mango and gooseberry, in harmony with the bouquet of a fresh white wine, turn every time you enjoy beer into a magical, special moment.