Our hops products for your success

green hops

The green hops as raw hops

The hop cone in its raw form is available on enquiry as a vacuum pack.

hop pellets

The hops as hop pellets

Hop pellets are pressed raw hops. As Type 90 or as Type 45, they impress with their slight storage capacity requirement and long storability.

hops as CO² extract

The hops as CO² extract

This hop extract is highly concentrated, can be finely dosed and is simple to handle.

green products guiding principle for planters:

We work as a team to produce the highest quality hop products

DIN EN ISO 9001 Certification of all parties involved

Participation in further and advanced training

Documentation regarding cultivation, maintenance, fertilization and integrated plant protection

Common ground construction as the basis for highest hops quality

"Trust in hop products from green products"