Huell Melon

Bitter Substances
α-acids (EBC 7.4) 5,8
β:α (EBC 7.7) 1,4
cohumulone (EBC 7.7) 29
polyphenols (EBC 7.14) 3,9
polyphenols:α 0,7
xanthohumol (EBC 7.7) 0,56
xanthohumol : α 0,097
Aroma Substances
Total oil (EBC 7.10) 1,1
β-caryophyllene:humulene 1,20
farnesene (EBC 7.12) > 10
linalool (EBC 7.12; mg/100g) 3
linalool: α 0,5
Aromatic impressions of the raw hops

Huell Melon impressions of the raw hops





Aromatic impressions of the raw hops:    
Fruity sweet aromas of honeydew melon, apricot and strawberries characterise the flavour impression of Huell Melon.

Aroma in the beer       
Huell achieves a balance between typical hop notes and sweet impressions of honeydew melon, apricot, strawberries and a hint of flowery characteristics. This hop invites one to experiment.